Washington Post quotes Çınar on Future of Flight

A graphic image of Heart Aerospace’s ES-30, a battery powered plane that United Airlines, Mesa Airlines and Air Canada have purchased. (Heart Aerospace)

Dr. Çınar was quoted on a Washington Post article on “These planes are battery operated. Will that fly?"

“We haven’t done anything this new with aircraft since forever. … Usually, our industry doesn’t do big changes. You do minimal changes over time. So there’s high risk, but there’s high reward,” said Gökçin Çınar, assistant professor of aerospace engineering, about battery-powered planes, which could cut emissions and make shorter plane routes financially feasible.

Click here to read the Washington Post article by Pranshu Verma, published on September 21, 2022.

The University Record, the official source for faculty-staff news at the University of Michigan, also shared the story on their daily digest.

Gökçin Çınar
Gökçin Çınar
Assistant Professor of Aerospace Engineering