Celebrating a Milestone: IDEAS Lab's First PhD Students Pass Preliminary Exams!

Congratulations to Maxfield Arnson and Paul Mokotoff for Advancing to Candidacy

PhD Candidates Paul Mokotoff [left] and Maxfield Arnson [right].

We are thrilled to celebrate a significant milestone in the IDEAS Lab as our first PhD students, Maxfield Arnson and Paul Mokotoff, pass the oral coursework examination of the prelims!

Congratulations to Max and Paul, our outstanding PhD students, on this remarkable achievement. As inaugural members of our research group, they have shown immense dedication and scholarly prowess. Their success in the preliminary examination demonstrates their readiness for candidacy and positions them as aspiring scholars in their respective research fields.

This milestone marks an important step in their doctoral journey, showcasing their tireless efforts and exceptional academic capabilities. As we honor Max and Paul’s accomplishments, we eagerly anticipate their impactful contributions to their research areas. Their success sets a high standard of excellence for future IDEAS Lab students, inspiring them in their own academic pursuits.

Congratulations once again to Max and Paul on this exceptional achievement. We are proud to have them as the first PhD students of the IDEAS Lab and look forward to their continued growth and success in their research endeavors.

Gökçin Çınar
Gökçin Çınar
Assistant Professor of Aerospace Engineering