Congratulations to Hüseyin Acar on Passing His PhD Prelim Exam!

Celebrating Another Milestone in the IDEAS Lab

Hüseyin Acar, PhD Candidate.

The IDEAS Lab is excited to share the wonderful news of Hüseyin Acar’s latest academic achievement. Hüseyin has passed his PhD preliminary examination with flying colors, demonstrating his profound knowledge and research skills.

His success in this challenging examination underscores his readiness for the next stages of his PhD and positions him as an emerging expert in his field.

As we celebrate Hüseyin’s accomplishment, we look forward to his future contributions and breakthroughs in his research. Congratulations, Hüseyin, on reaching this pivotal milestone in your doctoral journey. Your hard work and perseverance continue to inspire us all in the IDEAS Lab.

Gökçin Çınar
Gökçin Çınar
Assistant Professor of Aerospace Engineering
Hüseyin Acar
Hüseyin Acar
PhD student and Graduate Research Assistant

Hüseyin Acar is a Ph.D. candidate at the IDEAS Lab at U-M, focusing on quantifying the benefits and challenges of sustainable aviation technologies.